Boost your Facebook ads ROI by matching landing page copy to your Facebook ads

Short headline: Boost your Facebook ads ROI by personalizing landing pages.

Are you running multiple Facebook or Instagram ads with different copy, value propositions, or designs? And are you driving traffic from all those ads to the same landing page?

There’s a great opportunity in front of you: personalize the copy and the value proposition of your landing page for each ad. This will go a long way toward increasing the ROI of your Facebook ads.

All you need to do is to create a new Experience variant for each Facebook ad and personalize your landing page copy using OptiMonk’s Dynamic Content feature.


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What can you expect?

You can get up to a 50% increase in your Facebook Ads ROI.

How to set it up?

Step 0: Background information

Let’s say you have a landing page where you promote a certain product. In this example, a collagen protein is being promoted.


At the same time on Facebook, you are targeting different user segments. These segments are interested in buying collagen, but for different reasons. The first user segment wants to reverse the signs of aging, while the other group would like to strengthen their hair. In this case, it is wise to personalize your landing pages based on the users’ interests to create a unique shopping experience.


Step 1: Create a new Dynamic Content campaign

If you’re new to Dynamic Content, you can learn all the important information about it here.